Sunday, May 15, 2011

Has it Really....

been almost 5 months since my last post? I have seriously fallen down on my documenting job as a mom! Here are a few pictures to show you that we are still here and we do venture out occasionally.

Here are the kids in front of Methodist Hospital back in January when my grandpa Roy was there for a few days.
This is a typical picture during the month; almost any given month we are in line at a Disneyland ride.
Jensen had his first taste of Grizzly River Rapids at California Adventure. He got to go with his daddy and he loved it. He got a bit wet but that is all part of the fun!
Okay this picture is two of my favorite obsessions! Planning parties and Friends. (The TV show.) Back in March I got to plan a girls weekend with some of the girls from my freshman year at BYU. Three of my friends flew here from Arizona and Utah and the rest of us were already residing here. Needless to say we had a blast! We got to go to Warner Brothers Studios where my dad works and spend the afternoon there and have him take us to all the cool things there. We even got to go to some very off limits places that I had not even been to! The above picture is from the small set/museum/shrine they have of Friends and we got to take pictures and relive some Friends moments. I still watch Friends most nights in reruns and I love it still 7 years after the show ended! I am already looking forward to planning the next girls weekend!
This is me and the three out of town girls just shortly before they had to go back to the airport. We of course had to end at the beach because how can you be in Southern California and not at least get a glimpse of the ocean?!

So now let's try not to let five months go by before I get more posts in. Any bets on how well I do?!