Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 Months

So we've made it to three months. Alas I am always a bit sad as my babies get older, but it just gets more fun as we go through each stage. These babies are so good and they have been sleeping through the night. The boys love them and they smile and talk all the time. Overall it has been so fun to have 2 babies at our house. Because they are boy and girl I don't really think of them as twins but just as two babies. I haven't torn all my hair out yet, but I rarely leave my house! It is incredibly time consuming to get four kids out the door. That is when they all feel like they are the same age! Hopefully I will continue to post each month, so I can keep track of the changes.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Since this is my first year with four small children to outfit for Halloween our attempt was a little bit lacking. I wanted them all to match or have the same theme so the only thing I had the time and the inclination for was spiders. My mom fortunately was able to really help and sew the spider arms since she has the sewing machine and I don't. The kids cooperated really pretty well and even for being a bit of a lame attempt they looked kind of cute anyway. We had our ward Halloween party on Friday night and the kids had a blast trick or treating around the rooms and playing the little games for the primary kids. On Saturday we went to my grandparents house and Cree's dad's house very briefly. Hopefully if I start now, next year's Halloween will much better in the costume department!

Callie and Riley. (I know who is who but it is kind of hard to tell in some pictures.)


So my mom and I decided to take all the kids to Disneyland for the twins first ever trip.( We took both of the boys to Disneyland when they were 4 weeks old, the twins were 8 weeks old.) So can I just say (and I never thought I would say this about Disneyland) NIGHTMARE! Okay so we were outnumbered 2 to 1 and that was bad enough. But it was so crowded because of Halloween time and 2 double strollers and that many people do not make for easy maneuvering down Main Street. So we got on no rides, had to eat dinner at the Bakery (the only place that we could take the strollers through the line with us) and couldn't even stay for the fireworks because we were so exhausted by then. My mom and I spent most of the evening laughing incredulously that we had even attempted this. So our next trip will consist of at least one adult to every kid and probably one more just in case! So here are the few pictures I was able to grab before we left.