Friday, September 25, 2009

The Joy of Motherhood

This is Riley waving to the camera. Actually he does not wave on his own yet, but because he is a newborn and they wave their arms frantically, Tyler is convinced that the babies are waving "hello" to him. He loves it and says "momma baby waving" with a huge grin.
This is our Tyler look a like, Callie. They have so many similarities already. She is a pound bigger than Riley at almost 8 pounds. She has so many of Tyler's looks it will be interesting to see how they compare when the twins get bigger.
Riley is 7 pounds at one month and Callie is almost 8 pounds at one month. We should have put Callie behind Riley so she could have looked smaller than her brother, but they are both so cute it doesn't really matter who is bigger than who.
I have to say there is no way to describe how it feels to have twin babies come to our house. I think only if you have had twins would you even begin to know how to explain. It is such a humbling, wonderful, scary and awe inspiring feeling all wrapped up together. They are so amazing. It is so, so fun to have two babies at once. I feel that if I ever have any more children and they came just one at a time, I would feel like the second one was missing and it just would not feel right. We are so blessed to have had these two children come together to our home. I'm glad that one of them grabbed the other's hand on their way down from heaven. They must have known something that I'm only just beginning to discover. How can any one not feel the presence of the spirit when they have children in their home? My four perfect babies just confirm to me each day how much we are loved by those in our home from above. I love motherhood!