Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Morning

On Easter morning, we got up and got ready for church and then went to my parents house to see if the Easter bunny had come. He had, and so Jensen had an easter egg hunt, which he loved! He helped Tyler find his eggs too, but he really just cared about looking for them and slamming them into his basket. Most of the real eggs ended up cracked but the plastic eggs were more durable. Of course, once Jensen figured out there was candy in the plastic eggs, he opened them all as he went. At the end of the hunt, he ran from room to room saying, "more, momma, more." Needless to say easter was a big hit!  We went to church and Jensen brought easter eggs to all of his nursery friends and then later we went to my grandma's house for dinner. We really had a lovely time being with family and having such nice weather. 

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs

On Saturday Jensen and Tyler and Grandpa Chris and Grandma Celia and Cree and I all went down to Aliso Viejo to Uncle Cory and Aunt Christina's house to dye our Easter eggs. The boys had a great time and Cory and Christina have a cat that Jensen loved! I wasn't sure that Jensen would take to the cat but it was not Jensen I should have been worried about. I don't think that Charlie kitty will ever be the same. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We really didn't do anything special, but I was so proud that I managed to remember to put us all in festive green for the occasion. So I just wanted to showcase my two little leprechauns!

Tyler the Tongue

I am a few days behind, but this is  Tyler's 5 month picture. He has less hair than Jensen did and his eyes are blue as compared to Jensen's brown eyes. He is up to 11 or so pounds and he has started on rice cereal and loves it! My mom calls him Tyler the tongue because he usually sticks it out when he smiles. He is a happy baby, with a bit of his daddy's temper, but overall a very good baby. We love having him add so much to our family!

The Ball Pit

So the boys got an inflatable ball pit from grandma Kim for Christmas and they both love it. We are up to 300 plastic balls that, fortunately for us, live at grandma Celia's house. (Sorry grandma Celia!) Jensen loves to dive into it and Tyler, at his whopping 11 pounds, likes to just sit in it and let his dad and Jensen bury him. 

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great Grandparents

The boys spending some time with 2 of the 7 of their great grandparents.

Boys weekend out

Cree traveled to Arizona to see his brother while Tiff was in sunny Utah ( a scorching 5 degrees) for a wedding.  While in Arizona Cree went skeet shooting with his brother and visited his restaurant.  Except for the drive alone, he had a pretty good time basking in the sun.

It's my birthday

Jensen celebrated his 2nd birthday with his family.  Of course he had to have chocolate cake and ice cream after working up an appetite opening all of his gifts. 

Rose Parade 08

We went to the Rose Parade again this year.  For Tyler it was his first year going and Jensen's second year.  They both enjoyed watching the floats and listening to the bands.  I'm afraid this is going to be a regular event for many many years.

Farmer J

Jensen in our backyard on his John Deere tractor that was given to him by his great grandparents Cree and Ila Kofford

Grandpa Dave and Tyler

Some day Tyler will get bigger

One less monkey jumping on the bed

Jensen and dad were playing on the bed a litte too much and Jensen fell off and hurt his leg.  Dad thought he could just walk it off.  8 hours later we took him to the hospital just to find out that he had a very small spiral fracture in his leg.  Jensens friend Jerry, the doctor, helped him fix his leg.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two Piece Chicken Nuggets

Okay so I know this picture is old (circa Halloween), but as I was looking back I realized that I wanted to finally start a blog so that I could put pictures like this in to keep everyone up to date on my family. I know that we don't get to see everyone as often as we would like so this seems like as good an option as any. Since I love keeping updated on blogs it only seemed natural to start one of my own. Once I get the hang of this it should be easier to get regular postings on. Just to clarify, Jensen is the chicken and Tyler (about 21 days old) is the "New" baby.