Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 Months

So we've made it to three months. Alas I am always a bit sad as my babies get older, but it just gets more fun as we go through each stage. These babies are so good and they have been sleeping through the night. The boys love them and they smile and talk all the time. Overall it has been so fun to have 2 babies at our house. Because they are boy and girl I don't really think of them as twins but just as two babies. I haven't torn all my hair out yet, but I rarely leave my house! It is incredibly time consuming to get four kids out the door. That is when they all feel like they are the same age! Hopefully I will continue to post each month, so I can keep track of the changes.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Since this is my first year with four small children to outfit for Halloween our attempt was a little bit lacking. I wanted them all to match or have the same theme so the only thing I had the time and the inclination for was spiders. My mom fortunately was able to really help and sew the spider arms since she has the sewing machine and I don't. The kids cooperated really pretty well and even for being a bit of a lame attempt they looked kind of cute anyway. We had our ward Halloween party on Friday night and the kids had a blast trick or treating around the rooms and playing the little games for the primary kids. On Saturday we went to my grandparents house and Cree's dad's house very briefly. Hopefully if I start now, next year's Halloween will much better in the costume department!

Callie and Riley. (I know who is who but it is kind of hard to tell in some pictures.)


So my mom and I decided to take all the kids to Disneyland for the twins first ever trip.( We took both of the boys to Disneyland when they were 4 weeks old, the twins were 8 weeks old.) So can I just say (and I never thought I would say this about Disneyland) NIGHTMARE! Okay so we were outnumbered 2 to 1 and that was bad enough. But it was so crowded because of Halloween time and 2 double strollers and that many people do not make for easy maneuvering down Main Street. So we got on no rides, had to eat dinner at the Bakery (the only place that we could take the strollers through the line with us) and couldn't even stay for the fireworks because we were so exhausted by then. My mom and I spent most of the evening laughing incredulously that we had even attempted this. So our next trip will consist of at least one adult to every kid and probably one more just in case! So here are the few pictures I was able to grab before we left.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tyler's 2nd Birthday and the Twins Blessing

My baby is two years old now! I can't believe how fast it went by. The years seem to go faster with every kid you have. Tyler is really a lot of fun, a bit mischievous but just so darn cute! The look he gives us when he is doing something naughty just makes it so hard to be mad. He still loves the babies and tries to always pick them up. He adores Jensen and must do all of the same things that Jensen does. It is really interesting to watch.
He is my food lover kid. Well, him and Callie. He will eat most anything and loves all meal times.
This is outside our building after the twins blessing. All of our families and friends that gathered are here. Cree did a great job but said it was a little bit hard to do two blessings right in a row. The babies were so good through each of their blessings. We had a nice lunch after church at my mom's house and had a very relaxing afternoon. All in all it was a very nice day.

The great grandparents of the babies. Grandpa Cree and grandma Ila Kofford and grandma Renee Reed. Grandpa Roy Speirs left before we could get a picture of him.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Joy of Motherhood

This is Riley waving to the camera. Actually he does not wave on his own yet, but because he is a newborn and they wave their arms frantically, Tyler is convinced that the babies are waving "hello" to him. He loves it and says "momma baby waving" with a huge grin.
This is our Tyler look a like, Callie. They have so many similarities already. She is a pound bigger than Riley at almost 8 pounds. She has so many of Tyler's looks it will be interesting to see how they compare when the twins get bigger.
Riley is 7 pounds at one month and Callie is almost 8 pounds at one month. We should have put Callie behind Riley so she could have looked smaller than her brother, but they are both so cute it doesn't really matter who is bigger than who.
I have to say there is no way to describe how it feels to have twin babies come to our house. I think only if you have had twins would you even begin to know how to explain. It is such a humbling, wonderful, scary and awe inspiring feeling all wrapped up together. They are so amazing. It is so, so fun to have two babies at once. I feel that if I ever have any more children and they came just one at a time, I would feel like the second one was missing and it just would not feel right. We are so blessed to have had these two children come together to our home. I'm glad that one of them grabbed the other's hand on their way down from heaven. They must have known something that I'm only just beginning to discover. How can any one not feel the presence of the spirit when they have children in their home? My four perfect babies just confirm to me each day how much we are loved by those in our home from above. I love motherhood!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

Okay, sorry I can not get the pictures in order or write better captions, but I have two toddlers wreaking havoc in the house and I am too technologically impaired to try to figure out how to improve the blog. Enjoy the pictures, I will try to be better next time.

Loving to be on the outside, but still close together.

Some cute new outfits for the cute new babies.

All four of the Chang kids in order of birth Jensen 3 1/2 Tyler 22 mos. Callie 4 days Riley 4 days
Grandma Celia in heaven with two! new babies to hold.

This is Callie and Riley in the hospital just before we got to leave. The newborn clothes obviously are meant for actual newborn size babies.

They love to be together and they are so small they fit in the same swing.

This spontaneously happened and I had to get a picture of their intertwined arms.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are here. We are here. We are here

We finally had the twins last night at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia. After 38 weeks, you heard right, 38 WEEKS, Tiff finally got the answer she had longed to hear. Tiff was admitted at noon on 8/19/09, barely after her husband made it home from work, and was being induced at 1:30pm. 7 hours later at 8:34pm Callie Chang was born with ease. Weighing 5lbs 13oz, 20in long/tall, with strawberry blond hair. She was glad to be out and free from the wrath of her brother who was breech and laying on top of her. After much pushing and commotion Riley Kendall Chang was born, feet first, at 8:39pm. Weighing 6lbs 1oz, 19.5in tall/long, with strawberry blond hair. Everybody is doing extremely well and everybody is healthy. Tiff is hoping to get released sometime Friday and can't wait to receive the much needed help from family and friends. Cree can't wait until Monday when he gets to go back to work. He has already tried to go to work without much success. Jensen and Tyler saw their new brother and sister, Huh, a girl? What's that?, and love to hold them. Tyler is already saying, "Open eyes, open eyes" and Jensen taps on their beds like they are in fish tanks to try to wake them up. Enough of the talking, enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some Pictures Before I Am Too Big and Hot to Post

I have been very bad about posting our latest activities but it is hard not having a computer at my house. Oh well, one day.....

So here are some of our more recent activities and the accompanying pictures:

This is the only Easter shot we were able to get of both boys looking at the camera together. If I think getting 2 to look at the camera together is hard, I am sure that 4 will forever be frustrating.

We went to Cree's mom's house in Arizona for Cree's brother Hal's wedding. It was the first weekend in May and it was quite warm already. So the boys got to swim in grandma Kim's nice pool and spa. It was Tyler's first time to wear water wings and he did remarkably well. Of course for a child who likes to do everything on his own, water wings suit him just fine.

Okay now the best story from our wedding trip. Jensen was asked to be the ring bearer and his cousin who is 3 months older was the flower girl. Now two 3 year olds in a wedding is iffy at best. Or you can have what happened at this one. Jensen looked so cute in his little tuxedo that matched his daddy's. (Side note: getting a little tuxedo is so not as simple as it should be) Now when it came time for Jensen and Makaelee to walk down the sidewalk (we were at a golf course) Jensen stopped over at the water station they have for the golfers. He then proceeded to get a paper cup full of water for himself and Makaelee. This of course waylaid him for so long that grandma Kim had to go over and try to steer Jensen and Makaelee back over to the actual aisle to walk down it so the bride could come and get married. While this is going on I am sitting with Tyler who of course is screaming trying to get away from me so he can go and get a paper cup of water too, like his brother. (Notice in the picture the paper cup of water and Jensen's look which apparently means he was unconcerned that there was anyone else there) Needless to say it really wasn't such a tragedy, more funny than anything and the wedding went on. My only piece of advice is think long and hard before inviting 3 year olds to be part of the wedding party! (They are easily distracted!)

This last picture is just silly, but we got a new minivan (yes I am now a minivan mom) and of course the week after we got the van (arrg car payments!) our washer broke. The repairs were just about the same price as a new washer so I shopped around and found a good deal on a new one. So Cree dismantled the old one and the boys went inside the empty shell and thought they were pretty cute. So of course a picture.

Well that about sums it up for us, I am now at 25 weeks with these babies and continue to get a bigger belly every week. If I was really brave (which I am not) I would put a picture up of my ever rounding belly. So you'll just have to imagine 2 people inside that each weigh over a pound. I only have 10 weeks to go to be in the safe zone of 35 weeks, but I am hoping to go a bit beyond that just to make sure they are big enough to come home with me. Happy summer to everyone! I will be rolling around trying to stay cool, I hope everyone else has more fun plans than that sounds like!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

17 Week Doctor Visit

I am so excited that today at my doctor's appointment the babies cooperated and it looks like we have one boy and one girl in there! Hooray for dresses and hairbows! Not that I don't love boys because I do, but 3 boys and 1 girl is just perfect. I could not however get a picture of them today because they were a little restless and would not hold still for a picture, so again a post without a picture. Hopefully next time. We'll see in 3 weeks when I go back. I'm off to find a beautiful blessing dress now!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

4 Little Indians

1 Little.. Jensen 3yrs
2 Little.. Tyler almost 16 months
3 Little.. Twin A
4 Little Indians.. Twin B

Yes we will have 2 more babies join our family in August. We are having fraternal twins that will come sometime in August, the date is still up in the air due to the fact that twins usually come early. We are excited, but somewhat overwhelmed thinking about all of the fun things that go along with two babies. Sorry I haven't figured out how to put the ultrasound picture on yet but I will get some help and post pictures. Just wanted to let everyone know the status of doubling our family in one fell swoop!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas 2008

Okay so Christmas was less than a month ago, but how come it feels like it was a lifetime ago? So I am of course late in publishing a post but there is finally something. The boys had a great Christmas and loved opening presents. They got matching jammies and looked so cute all morning. Cory and Christina joined us and we went to Grandpa Hal's house and then later the Reed family all came over to my mom and dad's house. All in all a very full but very fun day.

Davinee Ramirez(cousin) Makaelee Ramirez(cousin) Tyler, Jensen