Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To Catch Up...

So this seems to be the story of my life. Catch up and never record things right away as they happen. Oh well at least they get recorded. Things are moving quickly at our house. Time, babies, little boys, summer. All of this is flying right past me and it could not be more fun. Riley has four teeth and Callie has two teeth. Jensen will be starting pre school in September and Tyler is loving having all these siblings around. So take a breath and see what we have been doing these last few weeks.

Jensen and Tyler running and playing like any normal day. The most fun at grandma's house though because they can go in a circle over and over.
Jensen and Tyler at the Aquarium sitting on a turtle statue.
All of the kids at the Aquarium enjoying themselves. We had a lovely day with grandma and grandpa.
Some budding artists at our house. Actually just Tyler. Artist?, future tagger on the freeway walls? I hope the artist is closer to the truth.
This is what having triplets would be like on any car trip. We went to see my brother's baby and took my sister in law with us in the car. What a fun madhouse. I loved every minute of it! (Mostly knowing I did not have to take all 3 infant seats home to my house! Two seemed like a piece of cake after this.)
Jensen and Tyler decorating our neighbor's wall and fence. With clumps of mud of course.
And always our favorite ever popular summer activity, swimming at Grandma Mitzi's house.

Riley enjoying the pool with my cousin Matt. He loves to stay in and splash forever!
Callie will stay in her ring and just kick and and laugh. She is always so happy.
The twins normal place when we swim. They mostly have to stay in the pack and play because I don't always have an extra adult to bring them into the pool with me. I am lucky and they are very good happy babies so they don't mind too much having to watch the swimming. More summer posts to come. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer, we love to keep up on what everyone is doing!