Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Catch Up

Ok, so I have been extremely negligent about posting on the blog so I have missed quite a few important things. I will try a quick recap of the past three months. (whew 3 months, that is like a lifetime!)

The following pictures will help explain some of our activities:
Grandpa Ernie passed away on June 27, 3 days before his 60th wedding anniversary
We go swimming at great grandma Mitzi's everyday Mon-Fri and have dinner with our cousins
Jensen has been honing his cooking skills
We have all been getting ready to go on tour with our Guitar Hero for Wii
Jensen and Tyler are getting ready for a wet winter
Jensen and Tyler are finding new places to play hide and seek at the grandparent's Speirs house
Jensen and Tyler are continuing a next generation of bathing in the blue tub that their mom and uncles and grandma Celia before them bathed in.
We hang out with our cousins, (ok really our second cousins)
Jensen is getting ready for preschool by only reading the best books
We watch Justin cutting apart a 30 year old tree that fell over at grandpa Roy's house
Tiffany got called to be the Young Women's President of Duarte 2nd Ward(wasn't I just a young woman myself!)
Cree got a new Dodge Mega cab truck for work that so far Tiffany has been driving 85% of the time
Tiff gets to be involved with Girls Camp this year
Cree gets to be home with the boys more often now that Tiff is gone more with the Young Women
We have missed having a big summer party,(but not to fear, summer isn't quite over)
And we have been having so much fun that somehow 3 more months of our lives have flown by!