Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkins and the Ward Halloween Party

This year Jensen chose his costume and it was a pirate(of course) which made it really easy for me because I just got us all matching pirate costumes. Jensen was thrilled and would ask everyone if they were going to be a pirate and insisted that they should if the answer was anything but yes. Cree also carved pumpkins with the boys and he gave one of them a pirate eye patch. Cree is so creative which is why I delegated the carving to him. Our ward party was on Friday night and we were the pirate family. Jensen and Tyler got to play games and trick or treat and Jensen now thinks that he needs a treat after every meal especially breakfast! I wonder how I am going to survive actual Halloween!

How To Host A Murder

For those of you who have not heard of How to Host a Murder, it is, in my opinion, one of the most fun games that a group of people can play. It is a dinner party with eight people that all come as a different character that they have been assigned before hand. Then the night of, you come, eat dinner and be "in character" as you all talk and discuss and try to figure out who the murderer is. It is great fun and I have been playing these games for many years. This one particular group that we play with have been doing one a year for a little while. We had to skip last year because Tyler was new so we were back on track this year. The game this time was titled "Archaeologically Speaking, it's the Pits." In this particular episode, my character was the murderer. We had a fun dinner(thanks girls for all of your help!) and a nice time catching up with everyone. Mark your calendars for next year!

The boys showing off their costumes. Notice the hats in particular!
The girls really can't compete especially in the hat department!

Tyler's 1st Haircut

I am sorely behind on this blog. Perhaps having no computer at my house is a contributing factor. Or perhaps it is that my time management skills still need a little work. Whatever the reason here goes. We took Jensen to get a haircut and Tyler really needed one, but he is so wiggly I wasn't sure it would work. But he was so good. He loved the cape and he sat still and had no problem with the clippers. We love haircuts at our house, which is a good thing since we need to have them so often!