Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lucy and Jensen sharing goldfish crackers.
Tyler and Jensen happy and dazed to be out of the car.

Maddie, Lucy, Sophie,( being held by Riley), Tyler and Jensen.

On General Conference weekend Cree and the boys and I drove out to Arizona to see Cree's mom. She lives in Mesa and on the way we stopped for about 20 minutes to see my friend Julie who had just had a baby. She also has a little girl who is just 6 days younger than Jensen. We were able to get a couple of quick pictures of Julie's girls and my boys all together. It was fun to see them and hopefully next time we make it to Arizona I will be able to catch up with all of my friends who live there.

Daily Constitutional

 Two summers ago Cree inherited a John Deere wagon set from his Kofford grandparents and he spent that summer fixing and repainting and refinishing it. Now it is lovely and Jensen and Tyler love to go in the wagon for rides. So this spring Cree started taking the wagon out each afternoon and putting Jensen and Tyler in it for a walk through the park and on the bike trail in Duarte. Jensen came back after the first walk and talked about seeing lizards and horses and birds. Now when they go he comes back and says he saw lizards and horses and birds even when they did not. Funny how a kids mind grabs onto something and it sticks forever.   

Face Your Fears!

This is terrible to admit, but I have just not had the patience or courage to sit and put new posts on the blog. I have lots of cute pictures and I have really been wanting to post them, but then I let everything else be used as my excuse to not spend any time updating. I like the computer but I also live in a little bit of fear of it. It is kind of my same attitude about the ocean. I love the beach and the ocean, but I also have a healthy respect(and yes fear) of it as well. So I am now in the repentant mode and need sit down and look at what has been going on this last month and find some fun moments to share.