Saturday, March 20, 2010

7 Month Old Twins

Okay so this is obviously not the twins, but as a side note, what kind of cure is there for a 2 year old who bites his nails to the nub? Is life really that stressful or is it just a habit he has because of some unknown reason? I wish I knew and could find a good safe cure.
Also these are out of order as usual, but here is Riley who at 6 months was crawling and at almost 7 months is standing up in his crib and on the furniture and anywhere else he can pull himself up to. What am I going to do? I thought I would have a bit more time before I had to be pulling him off of things.
The babies can both sit up and make all kinds of babbling sounds. They are still so happy and so fun. We can't wait for summer when we can all go swimming and be beach babies. Disneyland has gotten easier and life in general is becoming more routine. I guess until they start walking around!