Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Days

I have almost no pictures of all 4 of my kids together so when an opportunity presents itself I am going to take it! Of course it is when they are in pajamas or no pajamas as some are preparing for a bath. But it was cute anyway.

These next 4 pictures are from a series of photos taken by Jensen while I was in the shower. He got a hold of my camera and took about 25 pictures, these are just 4. I will spare you the others as they are mostly random items in our house. These are of his siblings and not too bad for a 4 year old.

The advantage of having a husband who is a plumber is that we get new sink fixtures when other clients replace the ones they have. Cree put a faucet in our kitchen that was almost new from a family he did a side job for. They got a new one and we got the leftover almost new one! Of course we have two plumber apprentices.
We went swimming last week in grandma Mitzi's pool so we had to have a picture of the first time the babies got to be in the pool. They both loved it and splashed and kicked their legs. It will be a fun summer to have everyone swimming together.
My friend Carrie who lives in Colorado came to visit her mom in Riverside last week and so I took my kids down to Riverside to spend the afternoon and evening with Carrie and her three kids. Our friend Katie brought her four kids as well and we all had dinner together. It was really fun and between the three of us we have almost twelve kids! (Carrie is going to have her 4th in a few months.) These are the only pictures I got one of the boys and one with Carrie, Katie and I and my twin babies and Katie's four month old baby. It was so much fun to visit and catch up. I am so grateful for my girlfriends who have grown up with me and continue to be my friends. I am glad we can go through motherhood together!