Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Events

These are some things that we have been up to lately. My mom and I gave my brother's wife Christina a family baby shower on Saturday. She got so many cute things, I told her that I hope she doesn't mind that Callie was going to suddenly have some matching things in her closet!
Now both Riley and Callie can stand up in their crib. Callie almost has crawling down and Riley thinks he should be able to walk by himself. So we have lots of bruises on heads already!
All the kids in the wagon out for a stroll in our front yard. Everyone loves to be outside!
Jensen and Tyler's Easter baskets. Of course we can't see Tyler's because he has to see what his brother is doing and then repeat the action exactly. So we saw Tyler's after the picture was taken.
Riley and Callie in one of the few matching outfits that they have. I should say coordinating not matching. Riley would not look too good in a skirt!
The boys outside at grandma's house. Resting from running and playing on the slide.
The running. Hence the reason for the resting above. So cute and so fun to have all these wonderful, good, active children! I am so blessed!