Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

Okay, sorry I can not get the pictures in order or write better captions, but I have two toddlers wreaking havoc in the house and I am too technologically impaired to try to figure out how to improve the blog. Enjoy the pictures, I will try to be better next time.

Loving to be on the outside, but still close together.

Some cute new outfits for the cute new babies.

All four of the Chang kids in order of birth Jensen 3 1/2 Tyler 22 mos. Callie 4 days Riley 4 days
Grandma Celia in heaven with two! new babies to hold.

This is Callie and Riley in the hospital just before we got to leave. The newborn clothes obviously are meant for actual newborn size babies.

They love to be together and they are so small they fit in the same swing.

This spontaneously happened and I had to get a picture of their intertwined arms.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are here. We are here. We are here

We finally had the twins last night at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia. After 38 weeks, you heard right, 38 WEEKS, Tiff finally got the answer she had longed to hear. Tiff was admitted at noon on 8/19/09, barely after her husband made it home from work, and was being induced at 1:30pm. 7 hours later at 8:34pm Callie Chang was born with ease. Weighing 5lbs 13oz, 20in long/tall, with strawberry blond hair. She was glad to be out and free from the wrath of her brother who was breech and laying on top of her. After much pushing and commotion Riley Kendall Chang was born, feet first, at 8:39pm. Weighing 6lbs 1oz, 19.5in tall/long, with strawberry blond hair. Everybody is doing extremely well and everybody is healthy. Tiff is hoping to get released sometime Friday and can't wait to receive the much needed help from family and friends. Cree can't wait until Monday when he gets to go back to work. He has already tried to go to work without much success. Jensen and Tyler saw their new brother and sister, Huh, a girl? What's that?, and love to hold them. Tyler is already saying, "Open eyes, open eyes" and Jensen taps on their beds like they are in fish tanks to try to wake them up. Enough of the talking, enjoy the pictures.